The Best of Wroclaw – the city of history and culture


Duration 3,5 hrs
Departure time to be arranged individually
Departure time Daily
Type of a trip Walking guided tour trough Wroclaw


Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia, is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland. Situated at the foot of the Sudety Moutains, upon the Odra River and cut through by its numerous tributaries and canals, it is an exceptional city of 12 islands and 112 bridges. During this trip we will explore the most beautiful and noteworthy monuments of Wroclaw. Our tour starts in the Market Square (Rynek) where you will be amazed by the unique beauty of the late gothic City Hall. Strolling through the medieval streets we will come across the university campus, where the main assembly hall is a striking example of beautiful baroque architecture from the Hapsburg times. The tour concludes in the oldest part of Wroclaw, Ostrow Tumski. Located here is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist as well as many churches and cloisters, which lend the area an extraordinary spiritual atmosphere.

This itinerary is just one suggestion of discovering this magical cobblestoned city. Other must see attractions include:
• Panorama of Raclawice (The large painting 15x114m which represents the battle of Raclawice fought on 7 April 1794. )
• The Centennial Hall with Szczytnicki Park and Japanese Garden (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
• Odra River Cruise


English speaking guide service 300 PLN/per group
Odra River Cruise Reservation 15 PLN (on request)
Price does not include the admission fees to the visited attractions  
Admission prices  
Museum of University of Wroclaw 6-10 PLN/person
Admission to the cathedral viewing tower 5 PLN/person
Panorama of Raclawice 16-22 PLN/person
Japanese Garden 1,5-3 PLN/person